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Golden Glow Serum
  • Golden Glow Serum



    Our Glowing Gel Serum is a great moisturizer and is made with all natural organic ingredients great for all skin types! It can be used on any part of your body that has discoloration! This amazing face Gel fights acne, lighten spots, unclog pores, and protects your skin from the sun!


    Aloe Vera gel contains soothing properties that calm irritated skin, and is known for treating any skin condition! It moisturize, unclog pores, fights and prevents acne naturally! Aloe Vera also contains anti inflammatory properties that fights inflammation!


    Turmeric heals and protect your skin. It helps fight against discoloration from acne scars, scarring from skin condition such as psoriasis and eczema! Turmeric has anti inflammatory properties that helps your skin to keep a health glow and stay clear! 


    Honey moisturize, smooths, soothes, and fights aging! It contains powerful vitamins, enzyme, antibacterial properties, antioxidants, and anti inflammatory properties!

    • Directions

      We recommend you cleanse your face with our African Black Soap Face Wash, a little goes a long way, use the facial pad. Rinse face apply Clay face mask using the mask applicator leave mask on until it is dry. Rinse mask off pat dry with face towel and follow up with our ACV face toner Apply our glow mask as moisturizer. Then apply our Glow face serum pat it in on face and neck and enjoy your glow!

      We recommend you refrigerate mask not only does this give it a longer shelf life it would also give irritated skin a nice smooth cooling sensation, and the cool mask will help shrink pores!

      To lighten armpits, knees, elbows or any other part of the body apply mask to area twice daily


      For a deep moisturizer apply face mask at night and wash face in the morning!

      Please avoid eyes & private areas

      Always do skin test if irritation occurs discontinue use!


      Best if used in 60 days

    • Ingredients

      Aloe Vera gel, aloe Vera oil, turmeric, honey, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and essential oils 

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