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Meet Diamond Shunte'


Diamond Shunte isn't just a business name it's a brand, a life style, it personal! 

Being a mother is a hard job its self, but being a black African American woman that was suffering from postpartum depression is a nightmare! Not loving myself and trying to live up to a society with its own standards and expectations, on  how to be a black woman and a mother was so depressing for me! I used makeup as a coping mechanism and I became obsessed! I taught myself  to do make up and became really good at it. I began to regainmy love for myself again. I embrace my natural beauty by growing my natural hair out, taking better care of my body especially my skin! I was taking care of me again! I posted my make up looks on social media and did live tutorials and YouTube videos. I was getting booked to do make up for weddings and fashion shows, having well known makeup companies sending me make to review and post on social media, and I was featured in a beauty magazine! So I decided to turn what I loved into a business. I became a freelanced makeup Artist, and I got my business license! It was not as easy as I pictured! I ended up in a legal battle over the named I use for my business, and unfortunately I lost due to not have the resources or the funds to fight it legally! So that’s when my sister and I came up with Diamond Shunté! With Diamond being a nickname, and Shunté being my legal middle name I knew it would be perfect for my business! In my makeup lives I would talk about my postpartum depression. l soon realized it was so many women especially black African women out there just like me! I was fortunate enough to have a support system that had my back! But these women didn’t have the support I had and they felt like I did! They didn’t love theirselves or the skin they were in. That’s when I rebranded my business. I knew I needed to focus on more then just makeup! Now my business mission is to support women like myself by providing them with products and services that help them to embrace their natural beauty. At Diamond Shunte Cosmetics I am dedicated to providing a skincare routine for women especially African American women! My mission is to help women feel beautiful in their own skin. I want to help women embrace and enhance their natural beauty. I believe that self care is self love and being a beautiful you is all that matters. My products are handmade with natural ingredients to help women look their best and feel their best! I’m motivated by this mission to make women feel beautiful and love the skin their in. I’m focusing on skin care and body care products that are made to help women with different skin conditions. We have certain products that's specially formulated for certain skin types and conditions such as eczema, Acne, discoloration, stretch marks, and so on. I have skin care items such as, face wash, Rose water, face mask, face oils, body oils, face and body scrubs, lipgloss , and so much more! While, still offering makeup services! I’m also dedicated to help women like myself start their own business with our wholesale options. Were I will provide mentoring and step by step teaching on how to start a business the correct way! I want to offer as much help as possible. Help that I had to learn on my own! 

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