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Coconut Water
  • Coconut Water


    Our Coconut water is made with organic coconut water and aloe Vera! This toner is perfect to refresh your skin and help your skin glow! This refreshing facial toner is made with organic coconut water, and is more potent then your usual Toners, which gives our formula stronger benefits for the skin and hair!


    Toners help cleanse, restore balance, and refresh the skin. Toners can clarify skin and shrink pores, which can improve skin impurities.


    Our Coconut water will leave your body feeling refreshed with a lingering scent of fresh sweet coconuts! Coconuts 🥥 are anti-aging, protects against sun damage, heals blemished skin, and makes your skin glow!


    Pair with our Coconut cream body scrub &coconut Cream body oil for a fresh long lasting scent!

    • Ingredients

      Aloe Vera, coconut water, witch hazel, distilled water, fragr

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